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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can we help you find the RV,RVS that you desire?

A. Facts are: the average couple/buyer shops five (5) different dealerships before the big decision is made. Each retail store has its own “steps of procedure” to push the buyers along the line to the closing table. Many times feeling rushed, the buyer doesn’t make the proper decision but buys anyway. The proud owners can’t wait to “Go Camping”, only to discover they have chosen an RV,Motorhome that is the wrong floor plan, too expensive, too big or too little, with operating procedures not clearly explained. I can save you Time, & Thousands of Dollars! There are other ways we may assist, i.e., Finance, Direct Bid, Special Unit, Insurance, Free consultations, etc. Thank you, please advise if/how I may be of assistance to you.


Q. How can we sell RECREATIONAL VEHICLES for wholesale? Banks only loan 80-85% of ACV (actual cash value). That's 15-20% below Dealer cost!


A. We have NO ordinary business expenses such as:

Buildings, property, offices, employees, garages, training, advertising, signs, electric bills, yellow pages, garage liability insurance, workers comp., training seminars, new floor plan interest, used floor plan interest, accounting fees, bank charges, credit card expenses, association dues and expenses, travel (unless Mo Man just wants to travel!), legal expenses, postage, sales tax, shipping, notes payable, accounts payable, leasehold improvements, R&D, 401k's, litigation fees, capital gains tax, guard dogs, (Mo Man has two cats though), security systems, parts inventory, accumulated depreciation, office equipment, (did I mention interest expense? Ask any dealer!) rent, showroom expenses, mechanics lot boys, property tax, federal withholding tax, state withholding, workman's comp., capital contributions, audit penalties, special equipment tools, deferred tax liabilities, etc., just to name a few!

Now, if you still don't believe it, just call any RVS ,Motorhome dealers in the USA, and tell them you want to buy for wholesale, and watch what happens!! Mo Man takes no responsibility for expletive adjectives you may hear.


Q. Do we do “walk thrus” for all kinds of RVs?

A. Yes, We put no time limit on these valuable instructions and insists on giving a toll free phone number, and an E-mail address, always available, as long as you own the coach. Well, even afterwards. Mo Man's really a Nice Guy...Southern Hospitality and stuff like that.


Q. Are all the RVS, Motorhomes we sell repossessed from banks?

A. Yes, that’s the only way that Z Mo Man can sell for wholesale. All repo's (1.34%) east of the Mississippi are brought to Orlando for Dealers Only to bid and buy, first Tuesday each month.


Q. Aren’t the RVS stripped? A. Very Seldom. These are Volunteer Repos.


Q. How do we find such low mileage, like-new coaches?

A. We have the time, patience, knowledge, experience and expertise to look and wait. No quotas to fill! Mo Man likes that; it takes the pressure OFF both him and his buyers.


Q. So, after buying and selling 1000's of RVS, what do we look for in buying a motor home?

A. We have reserved a special condensed topic, all it’s own, for this. Read about it in Free RVing! If you own one RV, there's a good chance you will own three, since you are experienced from the last purchase. So, since we have bought and sold 1000's RVs, he has a slight edge on those looking at buying their first RV.


Q. Class A? or Class C?

A. Mo Man's "Fish and Tator Talk" Answer:

Never saw anyone come in and trade a Class A motorhome for a Class C. Always the other way. Now, does that tell you anything?

Also, never saw a trade from a motorhome to a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel either.

Is that always the truth? No, only 99.9% of the time!


Q. I have always wanted a GMC motor home. Can you help me find such?

A. Yes. By being involved with the entire RV industry for the past thirty years, we have many contacts, coast to coast as well as abroad.


Q. What time factor should be expected once I give Mo Man my personal RV specification request?

A. That depends on the rarity of the coach you desire, and if Mo Man isn't traveling himself. Normally, no more than a month. Most importantly, the coach will be "sound" mechanically speaking, represented truthfully, and don't forget...wholesale.


Q. How can I be an intelligent buyer?

A. Know the unit cost both new and used (Loan Values, even experienced dealers must use). You can find this information in the NADA or Kelley Blue Book. If ya can't get one, (Only Dealers and Bankers have the Official ones), contact Mo Man. He does, and will give you the "Fish & Tator Talk" Answer.

*Contact Us For FREE RV Consultation! We have 35+ years of RV Experience and Knowledge.We want to help you find the right RV.


Q. What is the average dealer mark-up on a new or used RV?

A. I won’t divulge that on a public display, that’s dealership confidentiality. But I will tell you this: The average used,new RVs dealer has to sell 19% above invoice just to cover his overhead and break even! Not Mo Man! Competition is what makes the world honest.


Q. If my spouse passes away or if I find myself living alone, must I give up the idea of owning an RV, traveling, camping, personal freedom?

A. Absolutely not. There is even a club within the “Good Sam Club” called L.O.W., which stands for “Loners on Wheels”. Contact Mo Man for details. He likes to help people!

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