Almost Free RVing based on wholesale rv dealer real life experiences.

Here are several different ways for you to have almost free RV traveling, based on rv dealers real life experiences.

Select your area of interest:

1)Europeans touring the U.S.A.

2)South America Tours

#1)Europeans touring the U.S.A.:

Free RV Camping trip throughout the USA! Did you say free? I'm all ears!

Yes, and let me prove it!

This is Mo Man's specialty; Mo Man has many happy campers! Ask Mo Man about free or $4.00 per night camping, anywhere in the U.S.!

First, realize that a small, pre-owned diesel motor home sells at a rv dealer for almost double its price in Europe, as it does in the US. Click the 'Contact Us' button to send Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer the description and approximate price of the motor home, RV you would like to have, or look in the 'Motor Homes' area to see what is available now. A small deposit will hold your RV until you are given a complete demonstration, a.k.a. "walk-through"; perhaps at the airport when you arrive. All being satisfactory, monies and title exchanged, pre-arranged insurance in our, and questions answered. Mo Man will assist you to a campground for your first setup and give you his cell phone number for the duration of your stay. Many campgrounds are near Disney, and we suggest you stay in this area. Mo Man, your wholesale rv dealer resides here, and can further assist you with your maps, campground directories, supplies, directions, etc which is very important, especially in a different country.

After traveling the big beautiful country, come back to Orlando and Mo Man will ship, or assist you with shipping, your RV back home so you can continue using it, or sell it.

For example:

$20,000 - Purchase of RV from Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer, in the USA (varies of course) $3,000 - Cost of shipping to Europe, $100.00 per linear foot from Jacksonville, Fl. $2,000 - Per month traveling cost (hotels & restaurants not necessary) $2,000 - Airfare roundtrip (approximate) $2,000 - Miscellaneous expenses $29,000 - Total Cost (approximate)

The longer you stay, the better your deal...

"Mo Man, if this is true, I can actually get paid to do this, right?" Mo Man didn't say that, although some people have. Mo Man is saying you can be reimbursed for most, if not all, of your American vacation personal expenses to visit this beautiful country.

#2)South America Tours:

Free RV trip to and through Central and South America?

Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer is very familiar with this one. He drove his motor home from N. Carolina down to the tip of South America via Novia Scotia, Canada. Gave away watch, disconnected speedo and practiced, "Be Here Now." Found out later that trip lasted four years.

Though Mo Man has sold only a dozen motor homes to S. American buyers, he believes there to be a tremendous market and potential, IF YOU KNOW HOW! Here is how Mo Man did it and what he found: Shipping expenses from U.S. to South America are mostly prohibitive (about triple the prices to Europe). So are the prices of motor homes in South America. Chili, Argentina, Paraguay seem to have the largest market potential. Markets are also in Venezuela and Columbia. Exercise caution, naturally.

Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer will begin with questions and answers:

Q. Does the Pan American Highway go all the way to the tip of South America (Tierra del Fuego)? A. NO. Road stops about fifty miles S. of the Panama Canal. No road for 590 miles (Darien Gap). The RV must be shipped. We chose to ship to Equador, a beautiful little country, but now best to ship directly to Valparaisso, Chile. There is a market in Equador. We were offered an unbelievable sum by a major bottling company, but just didn’t want to sell at that time. Driving through the Atacamus desert in Peru is slow and arduous. Roads are bad. Little or no market there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. How much does it cost to ship a motor home from Panama to, say, Chile? A. Cost is approximately $4,000-5,000 dollars US. However, spend some time around the “ Balboa Yacht Club” for better deals, if not in a hurry. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Do you consider that to be a safe travel area? A. Actually, yes. Exercise caution, as anywhere. We never had any trouble during our three years south of the U.S. border. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Must one speak Spanish? A. English works in Central America, which, by the way, Costa Rica is marketable, safe and beautiful. In S. Am. countries, better know your coach and Spanish. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. How long would it take to drive, say, straight through from the U.S. to Buenos Aires? A. Allow about a month. Never drive at night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Are there campgrounds south of the U.S.? A. There are a few in Central Am. Very few, if any, in S. America. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. After I find my buyer, what next? A. I suggest to first have the sale complete and payment in full before leaving. This is much easier for S. Americans to arrange because of the language and road barriers. A skilled person can make a very good income doing this. It is not for everybody. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Aren’t there a lot of easier sales markets? A. Easier, yes. Motor homes are non-existent there. We’re talking serious markup for you, the seller. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Is a carnet necessary? A. Yes, contact me for details. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Is it legal to sell there? A. Yes, if you or the buyer pay the sales tax. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. Where would one advertise? A. Newspaper. We were overwhelmed with calls, but didn't sell then. Traded for antique cars later.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q. What type of RV’s would sell best there? A. Mo Man suggests small Diesel RVs, same as for Europe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Attention: Mo-Man your wholesale rv dealer would like to find just a few people, preferably S. Americans, to begin delivery of motor homes (casa rodantes) in the area of their native country. The above is a very rough idea of how to get started. Details upon request, please contact me. This mission, should you accept it, will be the most challenging and exciting trip you can ever take.

Mo Man must, however, make it clear to all:

If you do this and have a very rewarding and profitable trip, you must accept all of the credit. Because, he accepts no responsibility, if you don't.

Breaking Even:

How to sell your RV to a rv dealer in Europe-

Option #1 - A no hassle sale... directly to a European RV dealer, not as profitable, but fast. Any RV dealers in Europe, especially England, will be happy to see a small American diesel already in the country and ready for sale. He already has a waiting list, for sure. In all cases, go directly to a bank, and never leave Europe without a certified or bank check. Mo Man has a list of many rv dealers who would love to meet you and your RV.

Option #2 - As you are visiting the many campgrounds and countries, simply display a small "For Sale" sign. You are exactly in the midst of RV buyers, and I promise you will be approached (make it an easily removable sign, because sometimes you may not want to be approached). I suggest the price also be advertised in US dollars. If they want your coach, get their phone numbers to contact when you finish your vacation. Meet them at their city where banking and airports are familiar to them. By that time you will be capable of giving a good demo of the RV.

Option #3 - Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer has always found it best to sell in England. There is no language barrier, it is a big market, and the people are friendly. Advertise in The London Times RV Section for immediate action, or "Monthly Motorhome Magazine" (MMM). This advertisement must be arranged one or two months in advance of arriving in England. There are many nice campgrounds there, Mo Man recommends "Abby Wood Caravan Club Sites" in the East London area, as a personal favorite. After selling your motor home, go directly to the buyer's bank with them. Don't leave London without a certified check or international wire.

Option #4 - Buy the MMM magazine for sale at the campgrounds. Look through the "Wanted" section. There you will find a dozen or more people or dealers advertising "American motor homes wanted". Call them.

Option #5 - American motor homes are found in a rich diversity of clubs which only use American RV's. Phone numbers are listed in the MMM magazine. These club members are serious buyers. Call the club number and the Wagon Master will notify people in the club.

Option #6 - RV Shows. There always seems to be some type of large RV show happening in Europe, especially in the summer months. Go to one of these shows and make sure to leave your "For Sale" sign in the window. Cell phones are popular in Europe, and American phones do not work there. Rent a cell phone for the time you are there.

For example:

$20,000 - Purchase of RV from Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer in the USA (varies of course) $3,000 - Cost of shipping to Europe ($100.00 per linear foot from Jacksonville, Fl.) $2,000 - Per month traveling cost (hotels & restaurants not necessary) $2,000 - Airfare roundtrip (approximate) $2,000 - Miscellaneous expenses $29,000 - Total Cost (approximate)

The longer you stay, the better your deal...

"Mo Man, if this is true, I can actually get paid to do this, right?" Mo Man didn't say that, although some people have. Mo Man your wholesale rv dealer is saying you can be reimbursed for most, if not all, of your European vacation expenses when you sell your RV.

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