Dream Finders RV Consignment Sales! Let us find your Buyer for 1% to 2%! No upfront Fee's Ever.

RV Consignment Sales:

We want to go to work for you! We can help locate your buyer!

We have over 40 years experience in the RV Sales Business. We work the whole Nation - all 50 states. Try us first before putting your RV on a Consignment lot. While we are locating a buyer you keep your RV in your possession. Do not pay up to 10% for a Regular Conventional RV Consignment. We have several options to take a look at even if you are in a Neg. Equity Position "Upside Down".


We want to keep this as simple as possible. Email or contact us and we will send you our References, Testimonials, etc. everything you need to make a wise descision. All we need to get busy locating a buyer are photos, description and asking price and we will get to work. If you find your own buyer we ask $0. You keep the RV at your location. We only get paid if you sell to a prospective buyer we send to you after your check has cleared. We ask 1% to 2% of the total sale price for vehicles sold $50,000 and over or a flat $750 to 1.5% Finders Fee for vehicles $50,000 and under. We will help you anyway we can with pricing, etc. Let our Proven Marketing and Promotions go to work for you. We are here for you anytime!

You have a couple options:

RV Consignment Sales:

Many of our buyers and sellers are upgrading , downgrading or just selling with a “Lease Purchase” sales agreement. This is the safest and best way to do alternative finance "Contract Law" between 2 private parties. You will get your asking price or Loan Balance even if in a Negative Equity position with a “Lease Purchase”. We have many Quality “Lease Purchase” buyers waiting. There is no shortage of “Lease Purchase” buyers. Everyone will be on the same page before any contracts are signed. We will all know who we are dealing with before any contracts are signed. We know how to keep almost 100% of the risk out of the factor. Contact us or email us for full details.

We can get started locating a regular conventional buyer or “Lease Purchase” buyer right away! We can use the photo's and description you have online. Do you have any ads online and where? Please send additional photo's and floorplan if you have, We can use unlimited in our promotions. If you only have regular photo's you can mail them to us and we will scan them and mail them right back. We will work with you on a "My Word is my Honor" basis, No contracts. We appreciate your Honesty and Integrity! We will send you prospects by e-mail and call you with prospective buyer contact information. We will give your Coach plenty of exposure. We look forward to sending you the buyer soon! Please let us know of any price changes. Just to give you a heads up. Used RV’s are selling from the mid to high wholesale to the low retail area. It is a buyers market! You can go to www.nada.com and look up your RV value. We will roll with whatever price you feel comfortable with. A good asking price would be between low and average retail and give yourself a little room to negotiate. Please forward full contact information so we may contact you when we have a quality prospective buyer. Generally the 1-3 prospective buyer we send to you will be the buyer in most cases. Give us the Green Light and we will get busy and be in touch when we have a quality prospective buyer! We would need photos, description and asking price and we will get Rolling! RV Consignment Sales.

Would you consider doing a Private Lease Purchase Agreement, Owner finance, Assumable, Take over Payment contract with a Private Party with a % down or first and last security deposit and take over payments and you can add a interest rate? The new buyer provides full coverage Insurance and Full Warranty. These contracts are Sales Agreement Contracts and the buyers are responsible for the entire sales price once they sign the contract. Lease Purchase Contracts seem to be the only form of finance moving RV’s in the Country. These are straight “Lease Purchase” contracts not with the option to buy, it is a buy. They have always been around and always will be there just in greater demand today. Any Asset of value can be sold with a “Lease Purchase”. Banks are turning away 7 out of 10 folks and if you can get financing they are asking 30% to 50% down even with ace credit. The Banks are frozen on these Luxury assets. We talk to Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, Pilots and good folks all over the Nation and for the first time in there lives there not able to get financing on these Luxury Assets. You can get your Loan Balance even if in a Negative Equity position, upside down. We have a Contract Consultant who will help walk buyer and seller through the process. He is an expert in contract law and will do a Federal background check on your buyer and check verifiable References to make sure they are who they say they are and are a responsible party. Contract Consultant will do the contract work and make sure both parties are protected.

We have many assumable, lease purchase, take over payment prospective buyers. Lease Purchase contracts seem to be the only form of Finance moving RV’s. Lots of our customers are doing there own “Lease Purchase” deals. We can put your Coach on our Private Owner Lease Purchase Availability List, all that means is that you would consider doing a Private Lease Purchase with the right folks and the right deal. You can pick and choose who you feel comfortable with. Some folks only need a year. The new buyer can get there own financing “roll the note over” and or pay the balance anytime during the term. At the end of the term it is mandatory to get their own financing or pay the balance. This is the 100% complete buyout. If the Banks are still frozen or they cannot get their finance the contract can be extended by the seller. Most contracts are done on a 1-5 year basis but can be done shorter or longer. Every prospective buyer and seller has different circumstances and the buyer will provide 3 verifiable references to you and our Contract Consultant and additional private information so you know who you are doing business with. Our Contract Consultant will do all the leg work and give you a heads up about the strength or weakness of the buyer. A GPS Tracking device can be installed in the Coach. We never had a customer have to use it. Everything will be Transparent and everyone will be on the same page before any contracts are signed. RV Consignment Sales.

We may be able to Buy your RV, Coach for Loan Balance, even if you are in a negative equity position or We will find a buyer for your RV for the Loan Balance, even if you are in a negative equity position. Gas or Diesel Pushers up to $1,000,000. All 50 States! USA! Call for full details about the Negative Equity Upside Down Programs Available. RV Consignments Sales.

RV Payment Late? Is Repossession in your future? Don’t let them Repo your RV. You have options! Call us today and let’s talk!

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Dream Finders RV Consignment Sales – We ask a flat $750 to 1.5% Finders Fee for vehicles under $50,000 or 1% to 2% of the total sale price over $50,000 if you sell to a prospective regular conventional buyer we send to you or for “Lease Purchase” buyer we ask 1.5% to 2% of the total sale price over $50,000 or a flat $750 to 1.5% Finders Fee for vehicles under $50,000 if you sell to a prospective buyer we send to you. We also ask a $750 Finders Fee “Money Order or Cashiers Check” from the buyer. The $750 Finders Fee from the buyer and the Sellers Fee is due at the signing of the contract and picking up RV from the Seller. The Seller will not release the vehicle without the $750 Finders Fee being paid. There is a $500 Contract Consultant Fee for “Lease Purchase” contract services to make sure both buyer and seller are protected and your deal is solid. The buyer generally pays that fee and on some occasions all Fees.

We appreciate your Honesty and Integrity.

God Bless you and your Family!

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