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Are you looking for used motorhomes or RVS? Class a Motorhomes,class c Motorhomes, 5TH Wheels, Travel Trailers, There are many considerations to make when deciding which decision is best, but they boil down to two things: budget (a pre-owned unit is likely to be one-third the cost of a similarly equipped new unit) and how the vehicle will be used.

Beginning RVers, especially those on a budget, will often opt for a used motorhome, sometimes even a folding camping trailer, or pop-up. These come in many sizes, from very short and light pop ups that can be pulled by just about any car, to longer and heavier travel trailers that require a more powerful tow vehicle.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to any towable , whether a trailer, tent trailer or fifth wheeler, is that when you arrive at your destination, you can unhook the tow vehicle from the trailer and use it to run errands or explore the local area. This is a huge advantage over a motorhome, where your home is also your motor vehicle, and once camped, it's a chore to move again.

So the decision is really whether you want to go with the used motor home for now, making short excursions to become familiar with the lifestyle and later moving up to the new unit.

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